David Cooper recommends Ferrie Nejat                                   May 28,2017
Cambrian Park, San Jose, CA


When you are buying your home, the agent you want to work with is Ferrie. Not only she is very responsive, takes care of details and pleasant to work with, she patiently answers all your questions you have (believe me I had many questions!).

H & F. Golshan recommends Ferrie Nejat                                March 25, 2016

Ferrie was a pleasure to work with and a true professional with a wealth of valuable experience to offer. She provided valuable input during the contractual period, which enabled us to make the best financial decisions. Her patience with us
to answer so many questions and to search for the best property to suit us was beyond that of a realtor, but more resembling to a friend.
She is very responsive to any question in a timely manner, and very knowledgeable in market analysis of what is a realistic price for the home you are seeking to buy.
Ferrie is also a valuable resource on other components (e.g. financing options, contractors, legal, renting as investment, etc.), she has a very strong team working with her. We found Ferrie to know the area intimately, to know the inventory available, negotiate favorable terms, to help you without pushing you which is one of her best skills.
I wanted to thank you for all your assistance in the purchase of our home in Silicon Valley. Your diligence and knowledge was a huge help in the complex process of home purchase.
In short, Ferrie is the model of real estate professionalism, she is a likeable and friendly person, she is easy to work with, always available to help and to respond, we would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Ferrie Nejat to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seek her service in any of our future real estate transactions.

Lin Chen recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                  Dec 2, 2015

We just want to take a moment to thank you again for all you did to make our home buying a success. We really appreciated your hard work on the negotiation with the bank and the seller.We are very glad to get a nice clean house with a good price! In addition, your strong and positive network with related professionals and businesses (title insurance company, mortgage lender) streamlined the process. 

Madelyn M recommends Ferrie Nejat                                            Nov 23, 2015

Dear Ferrie, 
Thank you for all your hard work with my Short Sale. I know if it had not been for you, the sale would not have happened. You have such patience and know how to get the job done. I will refer you to anyone I know who needs an experienced Short Sale expert! 

Kind regards, 

May A. recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                  Nov 23, 2015

I cannot thank Ferrie enough. She came to me by referral from a friend. I am able to keep my home because of her. Ferrie was on top of things from beginning to end and at one time already on the phone calling the banks at 6:00a in the morning still in bed in her pajamas since she was calling the East Coast... now that's dedication! Didn't need a lawyer after all. She alone dealt with the two banks I was involved in and all this through emails, text and phone calls. I live two hours away from her office. Her communication from realtor to client is more than excellent and I'm so happy to have met her.

Janhavi A. recommends Ferrie Nejat                                             Nov 23, 2015

I really appreciate how patient and persistent Ferrie was in helping us find our dream home. She stuck with us for over a year showing us several homes and preparing tens of offers. She was flexible and open and always made time for us. She was a constant source of support through the very difficult process of buying a home in the Bay area. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home. She started out as our real estate agent but is now a friend. Thanks Ferrie!


Mohan Vairakkannu recommends Ferrie Nejat                               Nov 23, 2015
Systems Engineer

I had to sell my house after i moved out from San Jose and Ferrie Nejat stepped up to help me selling my house. She did as promised and she is a realtor to work with and she is always polite, helpful and willing to work extra time required to make the sale and it was great working experience. Great Job and thank you Ferrie! 
keep it up. 
Mohan V

Shawn K. recommends Ferrie Nejat                                               Nov 17, 2015


Have you ever heard about those real estate agents that actually care about YOU and finding the home that you want, instead of worrying about their own personal gain? If you're looking for one of those agents, look no further. Ferrie gives Referral Realty and real estate agents everywhere a good name. 

It was such a breath of fresh air to work with an agent who was so personable, polite, and genuine. It was so obvious that there were NO ulterior motives hidden away with Ferrie. Her sole concern was making me and my partner happy by finding the house/condo we wanted. 

Once we and Ferrie found the right place, there were personal complications on my end regarding logistics, deadlines, and credit. Ferrie always found an easy, stress-free way to accommodate any hurdles we managed to throw at her. 

I would recommend Ferrie Nejat to anyone and everyone. This smart, sweet, and professional woman will help you find your home in a pleasant and stress-free manner. Ferrie is the type of agent who got into realty to help people. She sees her clientele not as customers, but as people... and today, that says a lot about a realtor. 

Ferrie Nejat: Faith in humanity restored.

Julian S. recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                Nov 17, 2015

Thank you Ferrie!!! 

I cannot recommend Ferrie enough - she did an outstanding job! 

I was introduced to her through a referral, and she helped me through the process of finding a new condo in the South Bay. Not only did she take care of all items so I had nothing to worry about, but she also helped in the initial find to lease the condo for the first year. 

She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would reach out to her first for any needs in the future!

Reza G. recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                 Nov 17, 2015    
Los Gatos, CA

Ferrie has helped us with various transactions within last couple of years. She is a professional that pays attention to the great details, and turns over every stone to make sure that you have the best deal. I enjoy working with her because she gets the job done and she is very dedicated to her job and very personable. 

We had a very good experience with her in every transaction , and we highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to get the best service. 

Last, but not the least, she is extremely trustworthy and honest in her profession.

Joseph Miskabi recommends Ferrie Nejat                                      Sep 25, 2015


Ferrie is experienced and high dedicated. I worked with her on a transaction and was impressed with her breadth of knowledge and care for her client. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Amin Eliassieh recommends Ferrie Nejat                                       Sep 21, 2015

Sr Project Manager

Ferrie is our real state agent. She was always very professional and was very patient with us to search and eventually found the perfect Home for us. She went over and above the call of duty to advise us on many different locations and was very expedient to place many offers on our behalf. Ferrie was very accommodating and listening. We have had other real state agents previously, whom would show us a few homes and then would loose interest if we did not buy soon ! On the other hand Ferrie was extremely supportive and understood exactly what we needed. I guess this is the secret of her success in her carrier. I have previously recommended Ferrie to a few friends and would love to introduce her to any family or friends who are serious about buying a home. It has been our great honor and pleasure to work with Ferrie and hope to work with her in the future for our real state needs ! THANK YOU AGAIN Ferrie !!! God bless you and your family !

Grace L recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                 Sep 17, 2015

Small Business Owner

Whether it’s selling or buying property, re-financing our mortgage, or just trying to keep our home from foreclosure, Ferrie is our go-to realtor. Ferrie has been such a tremendous help to our entire family and close friends by working hard on our behalf. Just recently, she was able to sell one of our properties and not only got a cash deal, but also negotiated $10,000 above asking price, and closed escrow in a matter of days. But don’t let her sweet, soft-spoken demeanor fool you. Ferrie is sharp and tough as nails and has no problem dealing with the big banks who only see you as a loan number. During one of our family’s most stressful and desperate situations, Ferrie was able to save my sister’s home from foreclosure and negotiated a very affordable monthly mortgage that now allows her to stay in her home during these tough economic times. Right now, she is handling another real estate deal for my mother, while at the same time, helping me modify a loan for our rental property. We have only met Ferrie two years ago, but she has become part of our family. Because of her years of professional experience and her proven track record, we have so much confidence that Ferrie can help anyone the same way she has helped us and fought on our behalf. We trust Ferrie with all our real estate and mortgage needs because we know she has our best interest at heart. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for us.

Thang Tran recommends Ferrie Nejat                                            Sep 13, 2015

Proud Homeowner

Ferrie is by far the best real estate agent that we have know in California. She is professional, pays incredible attention to details with excellent follow-through, is extremely kind and personable. We bought the best possible house in the best possible school district. Without Ferrie, it would not be possible. In addition, after the transaction, she remains available for further assistance. She provided great recommendations for remodeling work and repairs. We have the privilege of becoming her friend, and will not hesitate about working with her again in the future. I highly recommend Ferrie for any real estate transaction.

Emerson Castillo recommends Ferrie Nejat                                      Sep 7, 2015


Ferrie was the Realtor when I sold my house in Sunnyvale. I didn't know her from Adam. I took her as my agent because she was recommended by a friend of ours. I was so skeptic about her at the beginning, but when she started working, then I realized that I didn't not make a mistake working with her. 

She knows very well the art of selling, the ropes of the business and most importantly, her commitment, dedication and loyalty to her clients like me. She will never leave you in the dark and makes everything transparent. 

She was able to sell my house in two weeks with an offer of way above the listing price. 

My heartfelt appreciation and profound "kodus" to her for doing an excellent job. Keep on.

Marashi recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                   Sep 2, 2015


To whom may concern, 

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Mrs. Ferrie Nejat. she is very competent and an excellent real estate agent. Ferrie always try to understand what type of a house or property her Clients are looking for. She is a persistent and professional agent which makes her different than the others. 
Ferrie bought me a nice house a few years ago and she is updating with new investment properties now. 
I strongly recommend Ferrie for real estate representation and she is an excellent agent. 

Michael Ajlouny recommends Ferrie Nejat                                     Aug 31, 2015

Ferrie helped me with the purchase of a house. SVP of Sales & Marketing

Ferrie is an outstanding seasoned professional. Works hard for her client. Very thorough and knowledgeable in real estate and banking. 
We very much appreciated he honesty and dedication & highly recommend her for anyone who wants to trust their real estate broker to do the best for them..

Arash K recommends Ferrie Nejat                                                 Aug 30, 2015


Ferrie helped me with 3 homes so far both buying and selling and i never been happier with the results. she goes out of her way to make sure you get the best deal as well as her friendly personality always if a plus. 
I will always go to Ferrie for property need. 

Ardavan G. recommends Ferrie Nejat                                            Aug 24, 2015

Client of Ferrie's, multiple times.

I have had a chance to work with Ferrie multiple times over the last couple of years. She was of tremendous help when I was looking for a condo in the bay area in 2014, and was able to find exactly what I was looking for and get the deal finished when the market was extremely tight. Despite many stipulations on my part and a long search, the end result with our find was perfect thanks to Ferrie. 

In addition, when I needed help to rent a unit I owned, she was meticulous with her search for tenants and made absolutely sure they were the right fit. She has since helped with another search for tenants, rent collection, and general upkeep as I had been out of the country the majority of the time. 

She has provided excellent service in the time that I have known her.

Farhang Madjd Moghaddam recommends Ferrie Nejat                   Aug 20, 2015


I would like to say that I had a great experience with Ms. Ferrie Nejat who was real estate agent to sell my property. She was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and nice to deal with. I appreciate her personal attention to all matters that came up during the selling process. While I live in Germany, we communicated through email via Skype, and text efficiently and she answered all my questions professionally and addressed my concerns promptly and effectively. 

I appreciate her personal attention at every step of the process of selling my property. 
I found Ms. Ferrie Nejat well-organized, tremendously patient real estate agent. She kept me informed over all steps and details from the start to the end. 

I highly recommend her to anyone who planning to buy or sell real estate property. 


Farhang Madjd Moghaddam